Terms & Conditions

  • 1. The distributor should not be use the trade marks, symbol, literature and slogan of the company for other purpose.
  • 2. Company does not promise any monetory gains to distributor. Earning to any distributor will solely depend on his/her performance.
  • 3. No distributor is authorized to make any promise to any other prospective distributor, of the distributor relies on any promise made by any distributor while trying to sell the products to him / her which is not there in this agreement of the official material the company shall not be in any way be responsible for such promises.
  • 4. The distributor is entering into this business agreement with his free will and consent.
  • 5. This agreement does not create any employee employer relationship nor any Partnership or joint Venture between distributor and the company.
  • 6. All the distributor of the company will put his / her best efforts to promote the product offered by the company in a faithful and honest manner.
  • 7. The company will deduct tax at source for any commission by the distributor by as per the Income Tax Act as well as Govt. Tax / duties / charges at the prevailing rate and processing service charges.
  • 8. Delivery of products to him / her which is not there in this agreement or the official material the company shall not be in any way be responsible for such promises.
  • 9. Products once delivered will not be taken back under any circumstances.
  • 10. VAT, GST, all Govt. Taxes & courier charges or Extra.
  • 11. The incentives will be paid by cheques / DD only (DD charges shall be deducted). simulation will apply where necessary.
  • 12. As per latest notifications from the Govt. of India, TDS shall be deducted from every voucher commission.
  • 13. The distributor hereby request to issue TDS certificate for the aggregate amount deducted for the financial year after the completion of respective financial year.
  • 14. The distributor much be of the legal age of 18 years completed on date of application.
  • 15. The amount is non-refundable and non-transferable once the company / distributor have entered. This agreement for purchase of product offered and further if no referral sales is made by the distributor he shall not in any way be eligible for any of the incentives.
  • 16. The products will be delivered within 15 days after the company receives full payment for the product.
  • 17. Company has sole right to change the products and prices without prior notice.
  • 18. Total care has been taken by the company while selecting the products which the company markets. No claims whatsoever shall be entertained by the company, in case of any problem incurred by the user for such claims the bearer can direct to its respective manufacturer. In no event shall the company be liable for any claims or damages of any kind insuring out of using the products.
  • 19. Any distributors found working against the interest of the company, spoiling the name and reputation of the company, distribing and diverting the distributors of the company will be terminated without any prior notice and explanation, and such distributor shall not be eligible to acclaim any incentive from the company.
  • 20. Delivery of products is subject to availability.
  • 21. The Company reserves the sole right to change, rectify and to amend the incentive structure and introduces rules and regulations products, policies, term and conditions from time to time and the distributor shall be abide by the same.
  • 22. Any dispute arising between company and distributor will be decided according to arbitration and cancellation subject to Hariyana Faridabad Jurisdiction only.
  • 23. I/We have read and understood the above agreement and after careful inspection of the products and packages of the company.
  • 24. I/We am/are booking the products with my/our free will without any pressure or allurement from the company.
  • 25. I/we have understood the figures mentioned are indicative.
  • 26. I/we have not been promised any figures or any time period for any payment by my / our sponsor or the company.
  • 27. This registration will become effective from date of acceptance as a distributor by the company and will remain effective until the company cancels the distributorship for not abiding the aforesaid rules and regulations.
  • 28. Payment may be made by local cheque / demand draft / money order / banker's cheque / cash separately for each application cheque / demand draft may be drawn in favour of "Multi Products Online Services"

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Looking cautiously round, ascertain that they were not overheard,cowered nearer the fire, and chuckled heartily.

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